360 Maritime is an amalgamation of three industry leaders, each with equal experience and expertise in their respective domains: Physical, Electronic and Cyber Security. Using intelligence led risk analysis we are able to provide robust and innovative security solutions together with comprehensive advice on every aspect of physical, electronic and cyber maritime security. We consider the unique safety and privacy requirements of each individual client and in turn provide an integrated, tailor-made, cost-effective security solution.

Superyacht Cyber Security LIVE Demonstration


Recently the ‘360 Maritime Security Alliance’ compromised of three industry-leading security specialists (Priavo Security, Infosec Partners and Halo Group Security Limited) hosted an exclusive event. This live event featured several guest speakers and demonstrated simulated attacks on both an existing superyacht legacy security network and a secure system that is built around a reference security architecture, using the power of the Fortinet Security Fabric of Controls.

Broadcast from a purpose-built production facility at the Shepperton Studios in Surrey and streamed live through Youtube, Linkedin and other CDN’s our broadcast was produced in a private multi-camera studio utilising the latest in video technology. The event, designed to provide insight into the importance of cybersecurity, and raise awareness regarding the IMO cyber regulation changes. It was hosted as an alternative to the Monaco Yacht Show, a prestigious event we were planning on attending for the second year in a row.

We have provided a full recording for those that may have missed the live broadcast below. For enquiries or on how to ensure your vessel is fully compliant, email enqiuiries@priavosecurity.com.


Priavo Maritime Security is a leading Risk Management Company with extensive experience from time served within UK Special Forces, Maritime Anti-Terrorist Units, Intelligence and the Royal Marines Commando. We have experience on board all types of vessels and can provide armed transits, executive protection, crew training, intelligence reporting, audits and global assistance.


An onboard security system needs to automatically detect, track, classify and alert captains to approaching objects in the vicinity. We can provide clients with an electronic security system hosting a multitude of features to assess potential threats and filter out false alarms. Systems include drone detection, CCTV, long range surveillance, Inbound threat analysis, sonar and 3D imaging.


Using an integrated fabric of technical security controls we are able to provide optimum Cyber Security threat protection for vessels, families and crew. Bespoke crisis management plans, breach scenario planning, response protocols, crew and land-based staff training, phishing and attack simulation tests, advanced protection and monitoring are all available for multi-layered protection.

360 Maritime Security Services

Superyacht owners, guests and crew are increasingly subject to international terrorism, cyber-attack and piracy:   ‘360 Maritime Security’ has gained maximum exposure to these evolving threats. The success of ‘360 Maritime’ is our ability to work together seamlessly for each individual client – in turn providing an integrated, tailor-made and cost-effective solution.  As a global leader, we provide realistic end-to-end risk mitigation strategies for a variety of clientele including governments, international agencies, corporates and high-profile individuals.

Armed Transits

Executive Protection

Crew Vetting and Training

Intelligence Reporting

Security Support

Global Assistance

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Drone Defence

Long Range Surveillance UAV


Encrypted Asset Tracking

Thermal Radar Imaging

Sonar Alerts

3D Imaging

Cyber Management Plans

Breach Scenario Planning

Response Protocols

Crew and Land Based Training

Phishing and Attack Simulation Tests

Advanced Protection and Monitoring

Multi-Tiered Protection