Business Travel | What Are The Risks ?

Businesses are increasingly pursuing international opportunities, often in challenging and complex environments. An ever-evolving global security landscape, geopolitical conflict, ‘Duty of Care’ legislation and increasing globalisation are motivating organisations, business travellers and event planners to re-think their security strategy.


Widely publicised dangers such as terrorism or catastrophic events such as earthquakes are infrequent, unpredictable and divert attention from the more prevalent, day-to-day risks that regular travellers face including road traffic accidents, cybercrime, infectious diseases and petty crime.


Travel Risk Management enables businesses to safeguard travellers, fulfil compliance and demonstrate a commitment to employee safety.

Pre-Trip Planning

Client specific reports highlight relevant safety information and security advice for all destinations, analysing political, operational, travel and terrorism risks as well as environmental concerns, logistical limitations and cultural considerations.

Travel Risk Management

Secure Journey Management will safeguard travellers and enable you to manage emerging incidents. We offer a full range of services to mitigate travel risk ranging from security awareness training to vetted secure transport and airport facilitation.

Event Security

Priavo cover all facets of event security for product launches, sports events, private parties, roadshows and business functions. We manage everything from risk assessments, close protection and media access to perimeter security, contingency and emergency planning.

Travel Risk Management Advice

Security risks continually evolve and do vary according to the destination, itinerary and profile of the traveller or group. We have outlined some key security considerations below when planning business travel or corporate events globally. Priavo are currently offering a complementary ‘Travel Risk Summary’ for your next destination – please complete the form opposite for the latest security recommendations.

Secure Ground Transportation

We offer secure transportation services in key strategic locations across the globe for travelling executives. We can provide trained and vetted drivers, secure vehicles, journey management and route planning enabling clients to travel safely and efficiently. A secure tracking system allows for live updates, tracking and communication of all movements.

Venue Security

If you are arranging an event, we can provide due diligence and vetting of local suppliers and venues, presenting you with a comprehensive risk analysis and recommendations to enhance venue security. We will partner with you to co-ordinate all physical and technical event security and logistical support to safeguard all delegates, guests and travellers .

Executive Protection

Priavo offer a full range of security services for corporates, high profile and private individuals, ensuring the safety of clients at home, at work or travelling to any location where there is a perceived risk. We provide protection for individuals and assets, security coverage at any corporate facility or private residence and travel risk management to mitigate risk for those operating within complex environments.

Crisis Management

We offer a full range of crisis management solutions to safeguard travellers. Priavo regularly develop emergency plans and procedures for security, fire, medical, travel and environmental emergencies. We can develop emergency plans and procedures and prepare robust country evacuation, contingency and communication plans.

Locate | Traveller Safety Platform

The locate app will track travellers globally allowing organisations to know where every traveller is at any given moment. When significant incidents or events occur, companies can quickly establish the latest location of any employees, contact them instantly through its mass notification feature and activate a pre-determined crisis response.

Cyber Security

Hackers can damage reputations, steal intellectual property, infiltrate corporations and sabotage targets. Cyber Risk Management can protect data and minimise the compromise of sensitive information. Mobiles and tablets, homes, commercial property and global travel are all reviewed and protected across multiple locations. If it’s connected then it can be compromised.

Travel Risk Summary Request Form

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Our Travel Risk Summary Report provides:

  • Risk ratings for the destination
  • Country overview
  • Security advice and considerations
  • Travel checklist for before you depart
  • Transport advice
  • General safety information