The Special Boat Service Association


Priavo Security are proud to support the SBSA and to contribute to the well-being of former colleagues and their families. The men of the SBS are both brave and patriotic and, day after day, they unfailingly carry out vital tasks in the service of our country.  They make great sacrifices on our behalf. Many of Priavo Security’s Close Protection Operatives are ex serving members of the SBS which is why we  comit to this charitable organisation.

The Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) has been in existence as a charitable organisation for the past 20 years and provides discreet welfare, physical and emotional support to serving and retired members of the Special Boat Service (SBS). Due to the nature of the SBS, the SBSA is unable to make a public appeal and therefore depends on the generosity of those individuals and organisations that appreciate and respect the very special role that the SBS is fulfilling on behalf of this country. Given the operational tempo, and the inevitable casualties and fatalities that the SBS suffer, both whilst deployed and in training, the SBSA has an increasingly important role to play.  There are, sadly, a growing number of members and their dependents for whom, through physical or psychological injury, bereavement or adversity the SBSA now has a responsibility. The role of the SBSA extends to all its members and their dependents, whatever their need.