Cyber Security

Wealthy individuals and corporations are becoming increasingly susceptible to various forms of espionage. Adversaries can damage reputations, steal intellectual property, infiltrate corporations and sabotage targets given the correct intelligence. Our cyber specialists provide full-spectrum information security expertise and services to leading businesses, high-profile and UHNW private individuals and families. Our team will identify the cyber assets most critical to you, evaluate the susceptibility to threats and vulnerabilities, identifying existing and potential gaps in your infrastructure. We will work with you and your team to effectively implement our recommendations, based on our findings, prioritising and aligning measures against your business or personal risk profile.


Any information you store and transmit – can be stolen, placing finances, privacy, family, business interests and reputation at risk. Standard reactive IT support is not adequate to protect your image, brand or private interests. The compromise of IT systems is increasingly more common with devastating results.

VIPIT membership offers an exclusive, proactive service to individuals to protect information and minimise the compromise of sensitive information. Mobiles and tablets, residence, commercial property and global travel are all reviewed and protected across multiple locations. Personal Information profiling, risk assessments and security audits are conducted. VIPIT can also monitor and protect a high profile individuals online image by removing negative content to deliver a positive, professional profile.

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Managed Cyber Services

We offer a remote managed cyber service, delivered from our MoD approved network security ops center to strengthen IT infrastructure, systems, process and procedures across your business and private life. Solutions are chosen to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT and security management practices, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of industry-leading technologies, without the management overhead and specialist in-house IT skills required to do so. Bespoke services include Managed security monitoring, web, and email security, secure accredited hosting, perimeter security, firewall services, vulnerability manager, penetration testing, secure voicemail, reporting and incident management.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

This allows a company to assess, identify and modify their overall security posture as it enables security, operations, management and the wider team to collaborate and view the entire organisation from an attacker’s perspective. Home, Family Office, The IOT (Internet of Things), Wifi and network-enabled devices including physical access controls and camera systems are all observed, assessed using gap analysis to provide a summary of findings. A strategic and tactical plan with recommendations on sequencing and prioritisation for improving the effectiveness across domains is delivered to help strengthen security posture and reduce risk.

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