Executive Protection

Executive Protection of high-profile individuals is a necessity in a global environment where violence is an acceptable medium in which to send political, religious and personal messages. With the unlimited availability of information on the net, individuals who were previously under the radar are now easily accessible by adversaries and are at an increased risk if the necessary precautions are not implemented.

Priavo offer a full range of security services for corporates, high profile and private individuals: we provide protection for individuals and assets, security coverage at any corporate facility or private residence and travel risk management to mitigate risk for private individuals or corporates operating within complex environments. Logistical support is provided in all cases enabling one secure point of coordination.

Event Security

Priavo cover all facets of event security for private parties, bespoke weddings, music tours, product launches and business functions. Our operatives will identify and prioritise potential risks that could cause an unwanted security situation and damage the reputation of those involved. We will partner with you and the organisers to co-ordinate all event security and logistical support.

Technical and physical security measures, meticulous planning, skilful execution and discretion ensure your experience is not impeded by a security presence. We manage everything from risk assessments, close protection, media access and crowd control to perimeter security and contingency planning including Counter Surveillance measures.

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VIP Cyber


Any information you store and transmit – can be stolen, placing finances, privacy, family, business interests and reputation at risk. Standard reactive IT support is not adequate to protect your image, brand or private interests. The compromise of IT systems is increasingly more common with devastating results. VIPIT membership offers an exclusive, proactive service to individuals to protect information and minimise the compromise of sensitive information. Mobiles and tablets, residence, commercial property and global travel are all reviewed and protected across multiple locations. Personal Information profiling, risk assessments and security audits are conducted. VIPIT can also monitor and protect a high profile individuals online image by removing negative content to deliver a positive, professional profile.

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Secure Drive


Priavo offers secure transportation services in key strategic locations across the globe. We provide trained and vetted drivers, secure vehicles, journey management and route planning allowing our clients to travel safely and efficiently wherever they go. A secure tracking system allows for live updates, tracking and communication of all movements and transfers.

Priavo operatives regularly work with and complement existing security teams, de-conflicting where appropriate and offering full 24-hour operational support in medium to high-risk areas globally. Operational logistics and support, scheduled and private charter flights, secure limousine transportation and hotel bookings can all be prearranged for events and travelling executives.

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Wealthy individuals and corporations are increasingly becoming susceptible to new forms of espionage due to evolving technology. Adversaries can damage reputations, steal intellectual property, infiltrate corporations and sabotage targets, given the correct intelligence. And do so silently, quickly and remotely.


Surveillance is used to obtain intelligence and information in cases of fraud, theft and espionage. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures are employed to inspect all tangible assets for the presence of electronic listening or visual devices. Our counter surveillance strategies can expose intent thus minimizing or neutralising risk and our network of operatives employ an advanced combination of technology, surveillance, and problem-solving to generate actionable intelligence.

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