Homeless Emergency Appeal | Go The Distance With Us

Homelessness is increasing throughout the COVID pandemic. Our county alone has seen a doubling in numbers of people requiring housing services. Financial difficulty due to loss of income, mental health issues, a rise in domestic abuse throughout lockdown, increased substance abuse and relationship breakdown are amongst some of the reasons for this unfortunate trend. Homeless people are incredibly vulnerable in the face of Covid-19. Many are in poor health, already damaged by trauma, rough sleeping and poverty. An extremely high percentage have mental health issues. Half are aged over 50. Homeless people already die 30 years sooner than everyone else.

Additionally, for every rough sleeper, there are approximately 20 others travelling around sleeping on friends sofas, in vehicles or in insecure circumstances. All found themselves in a very vulnerable situation earlier this year as the virus took hold. Thankfully, our government stepped in and offered every homeless person in the UK a bed through an extensive hotel network – for the duration of lockdown.

Turning Tides is our charity partner and they are the largest provider of support for single homeless people in West Sussex. They have been going for an incredible 28 years. They are currently witnessing a 10% weekly increase on homeless people accessing their services. Post lockdown, Turning Tides put out an emergency appeal: events have been cancelled, fundraising activities curtailed, corporate sponsorships are down, government funding is now limited and hard to access. Additionally, many volunteer roles remain severely restricted due to COVID protocols.

However, there are still other ways we can support homeless men and women in the community. This year Team Priavo have signed up to the ‘Go The Distance’ event. As well as sponsoring this event – our team will set their own individual ’10 or 20′ challenge throughout October. This could range from 10 online exercise classes or a 20-mile cycle to 10 hours of yoga or a 20-minute dance in the street – involving family and friends. Whatever each of us decides I guarantee it will be entertaining.

I am asking for your help in sponsoring our team and raising valuable funding for this much-needed charity. Please click this link to donate. I will be posting regular team updates and this Thursday I plan to hike 20 miles on the beautiful Seven Sisters as my challenge. The 10th of October is both ‘World Homelessness Day’ and ‘World Mental Health Day’ so please use the date as inspiration to sponsor our team.

For every £85 raised, Turning Tides can give one day of emergency support to as many as 30 homeless men and women.

Celine Shabbas Murphy