Maritime Security

Superyacht owners, guests and crew are increasingly subject to International terrorism and piracy. Opportunistic attacks from organised gangs are a constant global threat in port and at sea. Priavo’s Maritime Security Operatives (MSO) have extensive experience from their time within UK Special Forces, Maritime Anti-Terrorist Units and the Royal Marine Commandos.

Our qualified security operatives have gained maximum exposure to global maritime security threats and have experience on board all types of vessels. We will provide comprehensive security surveys and complete private security for your vessel and guests, whether on board or ashore.

Maritime Security Operatives

Our Maritime Security Operatives will keep your vessel and crew safe during transit through areas known to be at high risk of pirate activity.  Our MSOs hold the following qualifications in accordance with the IMO and other industry standards:

  • MSO qualification
  • STCW 2010
  • UK Seaman’s discharge book, ENG 1 Seafarer’s medical
  • UK Criminal Record Bureau checked, Military reference
  • Firearms Competency Course
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Superyacht Security

Our teams offer a physical and electronic deterrence whilst on board and can escort owners and guests safely ashore. Maritime Security Operatives can carry out all necessary arrangements with venues, ground transportation, logistics, guest and entertainment management and cash handling, leaving you to relax in peace, safe in the knowledge that every detail is being taken care of.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive security brief to all crew members to increase the level of security awareness among the yacht crew. Priavo offers a portfolio of additional security services to strengthen your maritime security procedures, including cybersecurity audits, crew vetting and background checks, consultancy on new build security measures, working with you to reinforce your existing security procedures for vessel and crew.

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Crew Training

Priavo Maritime Security Inc. is experienced in all current security systems and counter measures; planning ahead of a potential incident is essential in overcoming a security situation. Our crew training course exposes vulnerabilities in order to provide appropriate training on the most effective counter security measures:

  • Security procedures, environmental and situational awareness training
  • Anti Piracy awareness and counter measures
  • Crisis, incident and conflict management
  • Travel security and self-defence techniques
  • Medical first aid training
  • Training on International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) practices
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