Security Operatives

Our aim is to make each and every one of our clients feel safe without intruding on their lifestyle, particularly in the current global landscape, and each of our experienced operatives has built up an enviable portfolio within the security, travel risk and surveillance industry.

We have a multi-disciplinary team comprising experience from UK Special Forces, military and intelligence agencies. All are vetted, licensed and professionally qualified. Exceptional military background and time served undertaking tasks for clients across the globe ensure standards are high.

The physical skill set necessary for Executive Protection and Travel Risk Management can be taught over time but the dedication, adaptability and integrity necessary to do the job well is often harder to find. All of our operatives are respected for their skill, discretion and ability to execute rapid and confidential security deployments. Our team regularly work across both private and public sectors and understand how to ‘blend in’ and maintain a low profile. They have a high degree of situational awareness and are experienced in correctly assessing threats and applying the appropriate countermeasures. All possess strong communication skills and the highest moral and professional standards.

All operatives in the field are supported by a back office operation experienced in logistical planning, account and travel management. Our senior management team has a proven track record in the field, always keeping up to date with the current security environment and atmospherics allowing for realistic command and control.

These standards are reinforced and independently audited by ISO9001 the International standard for Quality Management Systems demonstrating our commitment to providing quality private security services.