The Yukon Challenge

Back in 2019 Team Priavo supported our operatives as they challenged themselves with the worlds longest paddle race – the Yukon Challenge – raising money to support the Special Boat Service Association (SBSA). As ex-SBS operatives themselves, they were fully equipped for the challenge ahead.

What is the Yukon Challenge?

Yukon Map

The Yukon challenge is a 1000 Mile river race from Canada into the Arctic Circle and finishing in Alaska. With no phones, no sat navs and up to 10 days to complete the race, it challenges the physical and mental fortitude of contestants.  It often requires over 18 hours of paddling a day; just to complete the race.

Completely self-sufficient, teams sleep rough where they stop, and in extreme cases must be able to survive in true wilderness. Whitewater, fallen trees and poorly mapped channels are just some of the challenge’s entrants face. Unlike most other events, the Yukon 1000 race is unique for its requirement for ultimate self-reliance and the remote and dangerous adventure experience.

The Special Boat Service Association (SBSA)

UK special forces operators are currently at the forefront of the war against terrorism The SBSA ensure these elite operators receive the highest quality of support. Providing practical, financial and emotional support for members and their families, whether serving or retired, they are always there to help. Relying completely on private donations their efforts support special service forces and give them confidence both in and out the service.

Through our operative’s efforts, Team Priavo were able to raise a significant sum to donate to the SBSA and the special forces operatives that need it. Our team’s dedication and willpower, bolstered by their training and experience in the field, meant they successfully completed the Yukon challenge within the 10 day time limit – a significant achievement all on its own. We look forward to a second attempt.

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