Travel Risk Management

The increase in global security incidents has undermined confidence in business travel. Yet, despite the ‘perceived’ rise in global terrorism and lone wolf attacks, key travel risks remain petty crime, road traffic accidents and health incidents. Keeping employees safe and responding to incidents is crucial as an organisation can face severe legal and financial consequences if their business travellers are involved in serious health, safety or security incidents .

Priavo can help reduce travel risk and improve your business resilience utilising technology and a tailored approach to protect travellers and manage emerging incidents. We have a number of comprehensive, cost effective services to protect your business and keep travellers safe globally.

Empower and Inform


Priavo produce client specific reports which highlight relevant safety information and security advice for all destinations. Comprehensive reports will analyse Political, Operational, Security, Travel and Terrorism risks as well as Environmental concerns, logistical limitations and cultural considerations.  Our intelligence network will monitor significant changes within a country of travel and pass on developing or emerging incidents relevant to your travellers.

We can deliver tailored travel briefs or provide bespoke training courses to increase personal safety awareness and build confidence when conducting business abroad. Traveller Safety training will prepare individuals for the travel risks they are likely to encounter while working away.

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Locate and Secure

We offer a range of secure journey management services to mitigate travel risks and ensure employee comfort and safety ranging from vetted secure transportation and airport facilitation to security operatives and medical support. Priavo are able to facilitate the secure movement of any assets essential to your operations abroad and can safeguard equipment, critical infrastructure and supply chains ensuring operations continue even in the most challenging environments.

Priavo use Locate, our in-house Traveller Safety App, which will track travellers globally allowing organisations to know where every traveller is at any given moment. It’s inbuilt check-in and escalation tool and a pre-determined communication structure, will ensure a robust response in the event of an emerging incident.


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When an emerging crisis becomes apparent and your emergency plan is triggered it is paramount to respond robustly and decisively to safeguard employees and assets. Our crisis management network spans globally and we are able to quickly deploy a number of resources to preserve life and property, including evacuation support, asset protection teams, medical support, security operatives and transportation.

Clinical staff can be mobilised across the world to support your operations globally, within extreme environments and remote locations and Priavo can repatriate travellers with medical complications to their home country or closest medical facility.

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