Locate: A New Generation of Personal Security

Priavo’s locate app is a 24/7 monitored personal safety service. This travel safety platform gives travellers the confidence to conduct business wherever they are in the world.  A simple shake or tap of your phone activates locate sending your location and details to your emergency contacts, enabling a robust response.

Once installed onto a smart device ‘locate’ can track individuals enabling organisations to monitor and respond to employees as they travel. ‘Locate’ provides up-to-date country information and security advice that is relevant to the destination being visited.

‘Locate’ can be activated in a time of distress by shaking or tapping your smartphone screen. Upon activation, your phone immediately records a short video clip which, along with your exact location, is sent in real time to the ‘locate’ control centre and to your emergency contacts via SMS and Email.

When significant incidents or events occur, companies can quickly establish the latest location of any employees, contact them instantly through its mass notification feature and activate a set of pre-determined crisis response procedures.


Track, monitor and respond to employees as they travel. Users location is automatically displayed.


A simple shake of the phone sends notifications to chosen emergency contacts with the user’s current location. Video and audio are automatically captured.


Share meetings and itineraries: users set start and end points, emergency contacts are then provided real-time movement updates for the duration.


Defined areas are marked on the map: identify ‘green’ safe zones and ‘red’ danger zones. Employees receive an alert when they enter a marked area.


Up-to-date risk summaries for all countries are provided highlighting key travel risks, cultural and security considerations.


If an incident occurs, send notifications to all affected employees with instructions, regardless of where they are in the world.

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