Turning Tides: Homelessness among vulnerable groups has increased by 75% since 2010 and on any given night, there are 4,000 people sleeping rough (Shelter, 2019).

Priavo Security currently supports Turning Tides, a local charity in our hometown which works to help vulnerable rough sleepers and end local homelessness. We have been really surprised to learn just how many rough sleepers in our county are ex-veterans. We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to a safe sustainable and fulfilling life within their community.

Did you know?

• Turning Tides can ‘house’ 169 people across the county, and often are at 100% occupancy.

• During the first-quarter of this year, 228 homeless accessed the free breakfast sessions.

• In 2018 this charity helped over 500 people a month!

• Turning Tides provide hot showers, clean clothing, breakfast, and toiletries as well as support and accommodation for those most vulnerable.

Started in 1991 by four local Christians who took soup, blankets and sleeping bags to the seafront to local homeless people. From this small beginning Turning Tides was born. They now work across Sussex in Worthing, Littlehampton, Horsham and East Grinstead and have grown to over 100 staff and 300 volunteersproviding a range of services, which offer opportunities to regain independence. The work undertaken by Turning Tides is crucial, people who live in our accommodation receive the specialist support they need to ensure their recovery. We empower homeless or insecurely housed individuals to achieve sustainable independent living.

We are committed to supporting and raising money for such a worthwhile cause. This month we worked to collect clothes, food and basics for Turning Tide’s monthly ‘wish list’ box. To donate, or for more information please visit www.turning-tides.org.uk. Thank you!

Do you want to help? Help raise money for Homlessness by joining thier SleepOuts in Worthing and Littlehampton and gain a glimpse into the harsh realities of what it is like not having a home. Visit: Worthing Sleepout for more information. 

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