5 Step Guide to Residential Security Teams

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Household security has come to the forefront of many of our client’s minds especially considering the recent economic and social changes across the globe.

When considering residential security audits or new residential security teams, follow this 5 step guide:

  1. Conduct due diligence on your providers and to ensure they have relevant experience in providing comprehensive threat and risk-based security audits/assessment’s. These assessments should consider all threats/risks/hazards which should include cyber, location and environmental factors in addition to any physical security aspect.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider about the frameworks they use to quantify the threats, risks and the household’s vulnerability to them.
  3. Ensure that any Mitigations/Controls are always proportional to the vulnerabilities that have been identified. Don’t hesitate to ask them for more than one solution.
  4. Ensure they design and implement systems and processes that are unobtrusive and discreet.
  5. Good providers should include instructions on how to use the new systems correctly, help design and implement household SOP’s and emergency procedures, which may include medical emergencies, fire ‘s, unauthorised access and security breaches etc.

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