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Priavo covers all facets of event security for private parties, bespoke weddings, music tours, product launches and business functions.

Protective Security Event Security


Corporate / Protective Security / Event Security

We understand that creating and planning a memorable event involves many moving parts and we will partner with you and the organisers to co-ordinate all event security and logistical support. Technical and physical security measures, meticulous planning, skilful execution and discretion ensure your experience is not impeded by a security presence. We manage everything from risk assessments, close protection, media access and crowd control to perimeter security, contingency and emergency planning.

Protective Security Assesment Security

Assessment and Planning

A full risk assessment is fundamental for effective operational planning. We review the effectiveness of any current event security services and identify existing and potential vulnerabilities by assessing the probability of a threat, overall vulnerability to attack and the impact on the event, principal and guests. Reconnaissance and planning is carried out in conjunction with relevant stakeholders prior to the event. Operatives survey all event venues, locations, airports, accommodation and routes, liaising fully with all third parties and de-conflicting where appropriate. Cyber Risk Management is also essential, ensuring the safety of the Wifi, CCTV, access control and whilst minimising the compromise of sensitive information.

Protective Security

Security Support

If your event involves VIP or high-profile individuals, we can provide experienced operatives to ensure their personal safety. Operatives will ensure venues are secured and clearance is approved prior to entry. Where appropriate, Security Operatives will escort high profile individuals and guests to and from all locations, maintaining a safe environment at all times, managing and mitigating any potential threat. Our intelligence network monitor significant changes within your event destination and pass on emerging incidents relevant to your delegates and travellers.  Logistical travel management can be provided for the organisation of all guest movements. Charter flights, hotel bookings, highly trained drivers and security advances are managed from country to country with full communication between all parties ensuring minimal disruption.

Protective Security Event Security

Venue Security

Priavo can provide due diligence and vetting of suppliers and venues, presenting you with a comprehensive risk analysis and recommendations to enhance security. We provide static guards and canine units to assist with perimeter security, access and crowd control, surrounding area support and a Quick Reaction Force. Uniformed or discreet, we can adapt our guard force to suit the nature of the event. We often deploy technical measures to support security teams on the ground and can monitor security systems, access control, media control and provide surveillance of venues. Overt and covert CCTV can also be employed for access and restricted areas.

Protective Security Journey Management

Journey Management

Our Journey Management safeguards travelling delegates providing the confidence to travel. Enhanced journey planning, medical assessments and comprehensive risk assessments are incorporated into operational planning before you depart. Country reports highlight safety information and security advice including medical procedure and COVID-19 protocol. Our dedicated operational overwatch support active trips, providing security response, secure communications, tailored risk index’s and alert monitoring whilst managing all local assets throughout active journeys. In-Country, we mobilise security operatives, provide secure ground transportation and deploy medical support.  Our trained Medical personnel can assess and advise on healthcare infrastructure and facilities. They are fully equipped to deal with medical emergencies in high risk or remote environments, conducting overseas medical repatriations where needed.

Protective Security Crisis Management

Crisis Management

We offer a full range of crisis management solutions to safeguard guests, delegates and travellers. We regularly develop emergency plans and procedures for security, fire, medical, travel and environmental emergencies. We can also prepare robust country evacuation, contingency and communication plans. Priavo can work with stakeholders to look at occupational health, training and equipment to provide an event specific health risk assessment and assist in the implementation of any recommendations.  Additionally, we can conduct non-medical repatriations of travellers, expat employees from countries across the globe and help move them to the nearest safe haven in the event of a required evacuation or extraction.


We offer a diverse range of security, cyber, travel risk management and VIP event services to give you professional and independent advice. Contact us today to find out how we can help protect your venues, assets, events and delegates.

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