Private Security

Complete security for high profile, private individuals and families

Private Security Lifestyle Protection for Individuals and Assets


We provide lifestyle protection for individuals and assets, security coverage at private residences, travel risk management to mitigate risk when operating within complex environments, and cyber security to minimise the compromise of sensitive information.

Lifestyle Security

Executive Protection of high-profile individuals is a necessity in a global environment where violence is an acceptable medium by which to send political, religious and personal messages. Priavo provides tailored security services to ensure the safety of our clients at home, at work, and when travelling to any location by any means, where there is a perceived risk.

We are experienced in assessing and understanding the threats to you, your family, business and assets and will work with you to ensure that our security measures are flexible, discreet and unobtrusive. Read more.

Lifestyle Security Services

Protecting people, securing assets and mitigating risk with close protection, specialist event security and surveillance.

Journey Management

Our aim is to minimise risk whilst travelling, especially overseas and in areas our clients may feel particularly vulnerable. We do this by preparing a thorough risk analysis researching profile, itineraries and plans, method of travel, documentation, in-country briefings, accommodation and medical considerations.

The pandemic landscape is continually evolving and post COVID-19 travel has highlighted the need for comprehensive preparation and planning. Health has assumed a higher priority and pre-trip due diligence is necessary to control the risks that individuals are now exposed to. Adaptive travel support tailored to the profile of the traveller, will ensure safety during these uncertain times. Read more.

Journey Management Services

Safeguard your travel and mitigate risk with operational planning, risk assessments, intelligence reporting and
in-country support.

Asset Protection

Our objective is to protect assets, people, property, information and reputation and make rational decisions about risk management. We will review the effectiveness of your present security procedures and work with you to establish a multi-layered approach, tailored specifically to your situation.

Priavo Residential Security Teams will undertake comprehensive assessments to upgrade your home security to the highest level, ensuring physical protection of family members, household staff and assets. Priavo Maritime Ltd provides comprehensive risk management and executive protection services specifically tailored for superyachts, offering a physical, cyber and electronic deterrence whilst on board. Read more.

Asset Protection Services

We protect families, property and assets from unwanted attention with asset protection, residential and maritime security.

Digital security

With the unlimited availability of information on the net, individuals who were previously under the radar are now easily accessible. Adversaries can damage reputations, and steal intellectual property, infiltrate and sabotage targets given the correct intelligence. Cyber-attacks, data breaches and viruses are now a daily occurrence globally.

Negative content can appear almost instantaneously, and data leaks or identity theft can have an immediate and devastating impact on your life. Priavo cyber specialists provide full-spectrum information security expertise and services to leading businesses, high-profile and UHNW private individuals and families. Read more.

Digital security services

Minimise the compromise of sensitive information through enhanced cyber security, resilient Information security, and intelligence services.

Private Security Tasks