360 Maritime Security

Physical, Electronic and Cyber Risk Management specifically tailored for superyachts.

360 Maritime Security intelligence-led risk analysis

360 Maritime Alliance

Using intelligence-led risk analysis we provides robust and innovative security solutions together with comprehensive advice on every aspect of physical, electronic and cyber maritime security.

Physical Security

Superyacht owners, guests and crew are increasingly subject to international terrorism, organised crime, cyber-attack and piracy. Our Maritime Security Operatives (MSOs) have gained maximum exposure to these evolving threats with extensive experience in the protection of superyachts.

Our team has successfully delivered over 6,000 intelligence led armed transits to date. In addition, qualified, licensed and fully vetted security personnel can provide bespoke event security, crew training and complete private security for your vessel and guests, whether onboard or ashore.

Physical Security Services

Integrated, tailor-made and cost-effective security services include armed transits, executive protection, crew vetting and training, intelligence reporting and global assistance.

Electronic Security

Our Electronic Security solutions systems for yachts are amongst the most advanced in the world, protecting clients and their vessels against threats. We provide our Maritime clients with situational awareness, the ability to detect inbound threats and, if necessary, to respond with the appropriate force for protection.

With the advancements in the technology used by criminals in recent years, it is crucial that Superyacht security systems are always one step ahead.  We can provide clients and captains with an electronic security system that assesses potential threats and filters out false alarms.

Electronic Security services

Detect, track, classify and alert captains to approaching objects in the vicinity with systems that include drone detection, CCTV, long range surveillance, inbound threat analysis, sonar and 3D imaging.

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security team focus on the protection, detection and response to cyber security threats, providing expert incident response and threat intelligence through cyber security managed services.

Using an integrated fabric of technical security controls, and with offices located in Europe and the USA, we can provide optimum threat protection for vessels, families and crew. All cyber consultants hold up to date qualifications and we have a fully managed 24-hour Security Operations Centre providing incident response, breach remediation, forensics and indication of compromise.

Cyber Security Services

Priavo offers multi-layered protection, consisting of bespoke bespoke crisis management plans, breach scenario planning, response protocols, crew and land-based staff training, phishing and attack simulation tests, and advanced protection and monitoring.