The Priavo Story

Priavo is an established security company, specialising in travel risk management and bespoke protection services to the corporate, private and maritime sectors.

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Priavo security was founded by husband and wife team, Celine and Pete Murphy in 2012.The couple’s combined skill set creates a solid business foundation which has seen significant year on year growth and exciting diversification.

Celine has more than 10 years’ experience as a Board Director for a London-based PLC, bringing an in-depth understanding of the needs or corporate and high net-worth customers. It’s the ideal complement to Pete’s long-standing history within the military and private security sector, and his genuine passion for ensuring people’s safety.

Today, the Priavo family has grown, with a team of highly skilled and experienced full-time employees, vetted global security partners and highly qualified and trained subcontractors located in strategic high-risk countries across the world. Our team are dedicated to protecting people, securing assets and mitigating risk to keep our clients safe.

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What does Priavo do?

Priavo leads the way in threat mitigation, specialising in corporate, private and maritime security and protection including bespoke event security, journey management, digital and intelligence services.

We blend our understanding of the corporate and military worlds to provide bespoke security and risk management services that enable our clients to live the lifestyle they choose, and carry out the business they need to, without fear for their personal safety.

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The current global landscape is challenging, undermining confidence in travel. Keeping people safe and responding to incidents is crucial. Risk Management enables companies to safeguard travellers, strengthen international operations, fulfil DOC compliance and demonstrate a commitment to safety.

We work closely with our clients to identify and mitigate risks enabling continuity during pandemics, social unrest, natural hazards and other threats we face.

The Priavo Mission

Founded on the values of fortitude, loyalty, adaptability and integrity, and backed by experience and knowledge, Priavo’s mission is to provide bespoke services to protect and secure people, information, assets, and reputation.

Priavo manages and mitigates potential security threats, and provides bespoke security solutions, allowing clients to feel safe and protected while achieving daily goals, conducting business, enjoying leisure time, and travelling.

Priavo’s vision is to support people’s fundamental right to feel safe, secure and protected at all times, and to offer businesses accessible and affordable private security to fulfil their duty of care to employees