We have established a strong company based on finely tuned standard operating procedures for private individuals, global corporations, and the maritime sector. This ensures exceptional levels of bespoke security are consistently delivered for every client.

How the Priavo team works

It’s so much more than a risk assessment. Our operating principles drive us to assess, consult, support, and evaluate. Whichever service you require, we search for and identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities, then plan, design and implement a thorough approach. We take action to protect and secure you, your people and your assets, while continually analysing, monitoring, and adjusting our service so that safety and security remain at the highest level.

Priavo is ISO accredited and IMO compliant. We treat every client, task, and operation with the utmost discretion, and are well-versed in local cultural etiquette to operate effectively in any country around the world.


    Thorough risk assessments, security surveys, principal profiling and crisis response procedures are fundamental in providing an effective operational plan. We will identify all assets ensuring we protect what is most important: people, property, materials, reputation and information. We will review the effectiveness of any current security procedures and identify existing and potential vulnerabilities, calculating the probability of a threat, overall vulnerability to attack and the resultant impact. We will recommend security measures and work with our clients to effectively implement this strategy. Risk assessments and surveys are conducted on all destinations and venues visited. Emergency response, crisis and communication procedures are all supplied pre-deployment.


    Operational planning is carried out in conjunction with the Principals relevant personnel and security reconnaissance is carried out prior to the Principal’ s arrival. Security surveys are conducted on relevant areas, liaising with all necessary third parties to de-conflict where appropriate. Operatives will coordinate all secure transportation and logistics prior to the the clients arrival. Route recces will be carried out identifying diversion points and escape routes. Contingency planning is crucial and safe havens will be designated in the event of an extraction. Operatives will liaise with the local police stations, international agencies and embassies accordingly. Logistical travel management is provided enabling one secure point of coordination.


    In-country support will deploy in advance, preparing for the arrival of stakeholders and critical assets whilst coordinating secure journey management. All advance arrangements are assessed by our team; transportation, meet and greets, medical, venue security and clearances. Associated vulnerabilities are addressed. Operatives will escort the client to and from all locations, maintaining a safe environment at all times, coordinating secure transportation, road moves and logistics, where applicable. We employ a real time tracking, analysis and escalation process to monitor travellers, ensuring safety on a regular basis. Operatives will continually re-assess and monitor the security situation and may deem it necessary to make changes to the initial security brief. Operational Management supervise all tasks ensuring efficient command and control, communicating current and evolving atmospherics.


    Detailed analysis of risks and in-country intelligence prepares businesses and travellers addressing duty of care and legal obligations. A combination of reporting tools, risk portals and intelligence analysts provide reliable and current safety information and security advice. Reports will analyse Political, Operational, Security, Travel and Terrorism risks as well as environmental concerns, pandemic, medical and logistical limitations and cultural considerations. Our intelligence network will monitor significant changes within a country of travel and pass on developing or emerging incidents relevant to your travellers. An operational debrief report is compiled post task to review security and journey management services provided, detail further recommendation and ensure successful planning and execution of future security services.