10 FOR 10 Challenge – Blind Veterans UK

As part of the 10 for 10 challenge across 2023, Priavo Security is raising money for charities and good causes. Our chosen charity for March is Blind Veterans UK. 

Priavo Security is celebrating its 10th year of operation this year. As we are committed to supporting people’s fundamental right to feel protected at all times, our celebrations will centre around safeguarding vulnerable groups in our community. Our team will undertake ten months’ worth of fundraising events and challenges. Collectively we will donate towards and support our ten chosen charities covering military, conservation, and local community causes.

Who are the Blind Veterans UK?

Blind Veterans UK helps vision-impaired ex-servicemen and women to rebuild their lives after sight loss. They provide rehabilitation, training, practical advice, and emotional support to veterans regardless of how or when they lose their sight. Through donations, Blind Veterans UK purchase a range of items that are significantly beneficial, for both well-being and day-to-day routines.

These include:
• Portable digital magnifiers that enable veterans to read printed material. 
• Tablets with Synapptic accessible software to provide access to communications like email. 
• Home entertainment systems that allow beneficiaries to enjoy audiobooks.
• Talking Microwaves to facilitate independent preparation of meals. 

Over 4,245 blind veterans were supported by Blind Veterans UK in the past year – but many thousands of veterans across the UK still need urgent support. Please join the team at Priavo Security in making a difference for those less fortunate than us.

To view more of our charity work across Military, Conservation and local causes, please click here.

Blind Veterans UK

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