Charity Doesn’t Always Begin at Home

Many of the world’s most successful performers, celebrities and business people share their good fortune with those less privileged.

They support charities at home and abroad and often their largesse knows no boundaries. 

One of our Close Protection Operative’s recently escorted an internationally famous actress and her entourage on a charity visit to Zambia. This landlocked, South/Central African nation is one of the poorest countries in the world.

More than two thirds of its 14 million inhabitants are forced to live on less than one pound a day.   Providing private security in such an environment presents special challenges. Poor infrastructure can lead to breakdowns in communications, travel plans are subject to continual readjustment and health and safety issues have to be keenly observed. Another complicating factor is that many of the beneficiaries of the charitable work; hospitals, schools and orphanages are in extremely remote areas which are difficult and sometimes dangerous to access.

Private Security Operative’s are often involved in coordination and logistical planning of all travel arrangements, external and internal. To ensure the client’s itinerary could be achieved in a safe, comfortable and cost-effective manner our Close Protection Operative liaised with the local authorities, police, army and intelligence services, prior to the star’s arrival. This included preparing a detailed Local Emergency Action Plan to mitigate any potential risks to the party.

In a country where it can take ten hours to drive 100 miles, the CPO was also charged with the task of coordinating private aircraft charters and procuring specialised vehicles to enable the group to visit every destination in a timely manner. This included vetting local drivers and rental companies, checking every form of accommodation and even inspecting rural runways.

On an assignment such as this something as mundane as baggage transfers can become a major issue. With the ever-constant threat of theft or loss and the necessity to carry important medical supplies, no detail of supervision can be ignored.

Often certain members of the group on these visits are not in the least prepared or accustomed to travelling over such demanding terrain. They require additional attention to ensure their well-being and peace of mind in an environment they feel totally alien in. Privacy can also be a major concern when working in developing countries.

Our security operatives are experienced in assisting our clients in a discreet manner on all levels; travel and logistics, planning, security, medical and all other matters detailed above. We pride ourselves on bespoke security, tailored to our clients’ specific needs, be it high profile events and parties, charity missions in risky areas or corporate road shows in dangerous countries.

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