Cyber, Crew and Counter Surveillance

Since the new IMO cyber regulations came into force on the 1st of January 2021 super yacht owners are waking up to the emerging cyber threat, what it means for them and how they might try and mitigate against this.

Cyber security has always been a major issue within the maritime industry. Information sent from a yacht can be intercepted by hackers ashore and complete systems can be accessed remotely, putting crew, guests, owners and their families at risk.

Crew and third-party suppliers are also vulnerable, and in-depth training on the risks of cyber-attack is fast becoming a necessity. Crew vetting and background checks, strong confidentiality terms in employee agreements, restricted access, limited use of social media, and vessel hardening can aid mitigation and provide a secure environment onboard.

Demand for professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services is growing.  The perception that being in a mobile environment at sea, affords greater protection is a dangerous myth. With regular crew changes and yachts being chartered to third parties, there are many more opportunities for bugs and devices to be planted. This occurs regularly  for a variety of different reasons; from business rivals seeking information to state operations gathering intelligence, or spouses looking for evidence of infidelity.

360 Maritime Security has gained maximum exposure to these evolving threats. We are an amalgamation of three industry leaders, each with equal experience and expertise in their respective domains: Physical, Electronic and Cyber Security. Using intelligence led risk analysis we are able to provide robust and innovative security solutions together with comprehensive advice on every aspect of physical, electronic and cyber maritime security.


Priavo Maritime Security have extensive experience from time served within UK Special Forces, Maritime Anti-Terrorist Units, Intelligence and the Royal Marines Commando. We provide armed transits, executive protection, crew training, intelligence reporting, audits and global assistance. Our TSCM specialists are experienced in working across all types of vessels with VIP and UHNW clients – providing discrete and unobtrusive sweeps to ensure the integrity of the vessel.


An onboard security system needs to automatically detect, track, classify and alert captains to approaching objects in the vicinity. We provide clients with electronic security systems hosting a multitude of features to assess potential threats and filter out false alarms. Systems include drone detection, CCTV, long range surveillance, Inbound threat analysis, sonar and 3D imaging.


Using an integrated fabric of technical security controls, we are able to provide optimum Cyber Security threat protection for vessels, families and crew. Bespoke crisis management plans, breach scenario planning, response protocols, crew and land-based staff training, phishing and attack simulation tests, advanced protection and monitoring are all available for multi-layered protection.


Finally, we have extensive capability working with yacht crews. Crew training courses cover security procedures, environmental, situational and anti-piracy awareness, counter measures, crisis, incident and conflict management, travel security, medical first aid training and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) practices. Knowing who you are hiring matters and our ‘Maritime Checks’ screening service delivers high level background checks and due diligence for crew. We combine identity validation, online research and database searches for enhanced vetting and insight.

If you would like to learn more, contact us at and book a consultation with one of our experts.