Cyber Crime: The Impact Of Evolving Technology

Companies and individuals are becoming increasingly susceptible to new forms of espionage. Adversaries can infiltrate corporations, damage reputations and steal intellectual property. And do so silently, quickly and remotely through cyber security attacks. Protecting your assets is crucial. People, property, materials, data and reputation are all at risk; although the greatest asset held by most companies is information. Its security is key to the success of any business.

Data protection and privacy affairs have dominated the news recently with many well-publicised incidents involving compromised public and corporate data. The estimated cost of cyber crime to the UK economy stands at £27 billion* per year. You can employ a number of measures to improve your defences and safeguard against this, as detailed below:

1. Security Risk Assessment; an analysis of your current security approach will identify existing and potential vulnerabilities to your facilities, infrastructure, operations, personnel, brand, IT systems and data.

2. Penetration Testing; teams of security specialists will simulate an attack or security incident and evaluate the response of your organizations security procedures to potential threats.

3. Awareness Training; the best way to protect your information is to educate your employees on what needs protected and how best to do this.

At Priavo Security, our risk assessment will calculate the probability of a threat, the overall vulnerability to attack and the impact on your organization. We will recommend a number of cost effective counter measures and work alongside you and your employees to implement this private security strategy. Safeguarding your assets will ultimately protect your revenue and your reputation.

* 2011 Cabinet Office Department of Cyber Security and Information Insurance.

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