Defining Essential Travel

The travel industry is still facing ongoing, unprecedented challenges as many businesses around the globe are establishing fundamental changes in their attitudes towards essential travel. Preparation is everything and Priavo are currently providing support for many corporate travel programmes to help mitigate risk. Organisations require the ability and tech to monitor travelling employees and ensure they can quickly reach and communicate with their team should travel restrictions change or an incident occur. From auditing traveller profiles to encouraging travellers to check their emergency contacts – prioritising traveller information updates is key.

Many businesses are working diligently to define what essential travel looks like for them. Once companies determine this, the rules can be built into the corporate travel policies and updated as COVID-19 evolves. Every business should be stringently following CDC guidelines and keep up with current travel warnings as well as country, state and region-specific travel bans, restrictions, and requirements. The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and advice on how to approach new protocols from airlines, car rentals, rail companies and hotels should be made readily available for all who seek ‘essential’ travel during the pandemic. Particular care must be taken with self-quarantine. Understanding the quarantine requirements for each destination will also help inform decisions about essential travel.

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