Employment Screening: Reassurance For Employers.

Employers face a number of human resource challenges including recruiting the right employee with the relevant skill set for the right job. Employers can no longer rely solely on candidate interviews to make a sound hiring decision. Pre-employment screening is a process that allows employers to verify information such as education, prior job history and performance. In addition, the screening process reveals important information about a candidate’s prior behaviour which can help an employer assess potential risk posed by the candidate. Prior behaviours can include substance abuse, credit history and bankruptcy, driving records, criminal convictions and civil litigation.

We believe that you should feel safe and fully informed when making new partnerships that matter to your business. Priavo offers a team of intelligence and security professionals that take information quality seriously. We provide high level employee checks and due diligence.

Employment Screening: Our employee screening services are designed to match the right person to the right environment. We understand the uniqueness of each business and team. With a good knowledge of your applicants you can make decisions on who to hire and how they might fit in so that you can move forward with confidence and trust. Key features include:

Identity and Address Validation | Watchlist Checks (Sanctions, Warnings) | Open Source and Social Media | Business interests and Directorships | Professional Referencing | Academic and Employment Verification | Financial Background and Warnings.

Due Diligence:  We can perform the highest level of people-centric research to match bespoke requirements. Our enhanced due diligence reports provide reassurance and knowledge to your decision-making process, aiming to minimise reputational risk. Thorough and extensive reports include:

In-depth Open-source Data | Media Reporting | Social Media Presence | CV Corroboration | Business Associations – Leveraging both Online Information and Human Networks as Required.

Our screening process is a simple and easy process defined in three key stages. Information collection, processing and analysis.  Bespoke reports are generated and sent promptly providing a solution that is:

  • In-Depth. We know that key information is most often deeply hidden.
  • Clear. Tailored and specific data is necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Outcome Driven. Intelligence and security principles mean that actionable insight is the goal.

For more details on our employment screening capabilities enquire at enquiries@priavosecurity.com. For further information on our alternative security services click here. To visit our global incident management platform, specifically designed for protecting your workforce from critical risk within the workplace, click here.

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