Essentials in Event Security

In today’s climate solitary, domestic and international terrorist threats remain a constant challenge for event organisers entrusted with protecting artists, tours and events within the entertainment industry. In order to mitigate these risks, organisers may look to specialist security providers to ensure the protection of their VIP’s and guests and take certain steps to ensure a safe environment.

Risk Assessments and Security Audits. A full risk assessment is fundamental for effective operational planning. Review the effectiveness of any current event security measures and identify existing and potential vulnerabilities, calculating the probability of a threat, overall vulnerability to attack and the impact on the event, Principal, and guests.

Security Advance. Advances are critical, to liaise with government, internal security teams and third parties, gain real-time atmospherics, carry out recces of all relevant areas and give feedback to all production crew, teams, and planners.

Crisis Management. It is essential to develop a full range of crisis management solutions to safeguard band members, tour management, guests, production, and technical teams in the event of an emergency.

Executive Protection. If your event involves celebrities, music personalities or other high-profile individuals, experienced operatives can ensure their safety. They assess the threats to their Principal and ensure that security measures complement existing measures. Static guards and canine units are also viable options to assist with perimeter security, access, crowd control, surrounding area support and as a Rapid Reaction Force.

Travel Risk Management. To ensure complete protection, event security should include journey management services to fulfil ‘duty of care’ compliance and mitigate travel risks. Ranging from security awareness training and intelligence reports to vetted secure transportation and airport facilitation, the means in which VIPs and guests travel to and from your event is just as important as the event itself.

Logistical Support. External security providers are often considered a central, secure point of co-ordination, reducing workload and allowing organisers to focus on the smooth running of each event.

Further to this, Martyn’s Law, more officially known as the Protect Duty legislation, is a piece of legislation currently under consultation by the UK government that creates a coherent and proportionate approach to protective security. It has been championed by victims’ groups, including the Martyn’s Law campaign, which was established by Figen Murray following the tragic loss of her son, Martyn, in the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.

If approved, the new legislation should apply to any place or space to which the public have access. Evacuation procedures and planning are likely to form a key part of these proposals, and venues will need to enhance safety protocols to ensure appropriate measures are taken to protect the public.

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