IMEX post show security round up

PRIAVO Security were invited to present on ‘Event Challenges in an Elevated Security Climate’ at IMEX 2017 last month in Frankfurt. A hot topic further compounded by the recent atrocities in Manchester.

IMEX is a truly global event and we met with delegates, buyers, planners and exhibitors from around the world to discuss security concerns within the events industry. Operational and travel restrictions were raised as a concern due to the perceived threats in key locations. There was a clear focus on travel anxiety with security, environmental, medical and political concerns increasing dramatically over the last 6 months, putting pressure on organisers to improve the safety of their events and travellers.

Priavo was invited to open the IMEX education programme, Edu Monday, with a presentation on ‘Security and Travel Risk Management’ as many organisations do not fully understand the processes or benefits of Journey Management planning. Riz Omar covered many tried and tested solutions for keeping traveller’s safe including situational awareness training, facilitation through complex countries, security trained drivers, and ‘locate’ – our safety app for monitoring and communicating with single travellers and large groups.

On Wednesday, we presented a ‘snapshot’ of the current security climate, the impact this has on event planning and an outline of various cost effective measures that can be adopted to secure future events. With the outlook for the foreseeable future looking challenging, Pete presented a Risk Analysis Cycle for event planners to take away and implement for future conferences. Many delegates from varied parts of the globe attended what has, this last few weeks, proved to be a very relevant and topical subject.

From discussions post show, we identified there is a great deal of trust placed on venues to provide the correct level of security for events. However, evolving terrorist methodology is leaving many venues vulnerable with resources that are already over-stretched. Many organisers have been questioning this on the ground. Security is not a tick the box exercise, professional audits should be carried out, vulnerabilities identified and control measures put in place.

Our message remains consistent – continue to do business globally. However, with increased globalism, constantly evolving technology and a growing security threat, organisations need to adapt their approach and adopt appropriate control measures. Costs will be affected but a pro-active stance is paramount to continue to operate in an elevated security climate.



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