Executive Protection: Hygiene

Could hygiene bring a new approach to executive protection?

As countries around the world are cautiously reducing lockdowns, it is clear that we are facing a new kind of ‘normal’ and a phased return to business. The executive protection industry is no exception and the way protect people, secure assets and mitigate risk is evolving.

Health | Covid-19 brings the operational responsibilities of security teams under scrutiny. The following questions all require due consideration:

1. Which activities or routines may expose the client to infection?
2. How vulnerable is the Principal to this risk?
3. How do the activities of the family, EP team, household staff or guests and associates impact the Principal’s vulnerability?
4. How best do you monitor the health of the household?
5. What measures can you introduce to help mitigate these risks?
6. Do you need to incorporate a medical professional or clinician within your team?
7. What are acceptable disinfection procedures?
8. What type of PPE should be deployed and used? This will require consistent testing and certification.

Travel | Executive Protection (EP) teams are adapting to a rapidly changing travel landscape and the following challenges need to be incorporated within operational planning:

1. Closed borders and travel restrictions may impact the ability for an EP team to move freely or conduct advance work prior to the Principal’s arrival.
2.  In-country curfews and no-go zones will limit the routes you can use or may dictate the times your security team and principal can travel.
3. Social distancing may impact the size of your operational team or restrict operational ability. Do you need to change your operational posture?
4. Hygiene standards and sanitised travel arrangements will further impact operational capability.
5. What if team members are required to self-isolate, how will this impact your operational footprint, availability and composition?
7. Security teams should implement the process of ‘assessment and mitigation’ in the same way they assess any other threat, risk or hazard. And then adapt operations accordingly for COVID protocols.

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