Tips For Navigating Travel Quarantines and Restrictions

Booking trips abroad and navigating fluctuating travel restrictions is challenging – especially as rules and regulations vary significantly across various destinations.  Some key points to take into consideration:

1. Research your destination.
Although the Pandemic has affected every country across the globe, some are faring far better than others. Research COVID-19 infection rates and the medical infrastructure available at your destination. Assess the risk on an individual basis, making informed decisions regarding your exposure to the virus.

2. Know the rules. 
Make sure you have the latest rules and regulations on travel. The government advises regularly checking the UK Foreign Office website for destination country entry requirements, as these can change quickly. Research both the restrictions in your country of origin, but also those of your destination to avoid unnecessary delay and quarantine.

3. Hire an expert. 
A lawyer, travel advisor or travel risk specialists can help you navigate quarantines, restrictions or travel bans. Nowhere is ‘out of bounds’, but the risks of visiting certain areas across the globe may be considerable. In-depth risk assessments, precautionary measures and traveller monitoring apps may be beneficial tools to ensure traveller safety abroad. 

4. Travel insurance.
It is also worth reviewing your travel insurance to ensure you are covered. Many policies don’t cover all COVID eventualities, but it is still important – especially if you are ill while away. 

5. Give yourself plenty of time. 
Carefully consider your decisions and leave plenty of time should rules or restrictions change. Plan in advance and consider implementing a schedule that allows for possible delays, testing and results timings,  or quarantine periods. 

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