Game Of Drones

In a world with very little privacy, the last thing we needed was a device to reach the areas in which we could “escape”. Remote-controlled drones are on the market in full force and are being used by photographers and videographers worldwide to capture  ‘The money Shot’! Real Estate, Agriculturalists and Extreme Sports are just a few of the markets utilising the unique view Drones can give.

However, it is drones in the hands of the Paparazzi that is causing concern amongst the rich and famous.

Although there are flying restrictions, which vary globally; in LA there are already reports of Drones flying around Celebrities’ homes invading privacy. However, the high price offered for Celebrity “money shots” will always attract those willing to take the risk. Even if paparazzi were forced to face fines, or had equipment confiscated. “Imagine a camera drone slowly climbing to a 30th-floor hotel window undetected.  An indiscrete moment caught on camera: the million-dollar money shot’’

Tina Turner recently married Erwin Bach at Tina’s large villa. Large trees and walls gave cover from the crowds of photographers and fans, assisted by large red cloth screens to prevent shots. The couple wanted their wedding, with around 120 celebrity guests, to be a private affair.

 Shortly after the ceremony, the party was startled by a small plane overhead. Toto Marti, a photographer for the Swiss tabloid Blick, leant forward in the copilot seat and hit the shutter release. The publication landed a scoop and Marti cashed in. Tabloids and magazines all over the world printed the photo.

Also in the race for an exclusive wedding picture, Marti’s colleague, Claudio Meier a freelance photographer equipped himself with the latest technology and launched a remote-controlled drone from in front of Tina Turner’s estate.

It was exactly this that Turner, 73, and Bach wanted to avoid — and most likely, in the interest of their media partners, were obligated to prevent. If the couple has sold exclusivity rights for the wedding photographs then the price would deteriorate by percentage depending on the type of shot leaked or gained by freelance photographers.

 They expected that photographers would try to move in from the lake on boats. But it came as a surprise to many of their guests that the fight for celebrity photos would go airborne.

Priavo Security regularly carry out bespoke private security for high profile events including private parties, music tours, weddings and corporate roadshows. Media blockage is a routine requirement and our Close Protection and Surveillance Operatives have a wealth experience identifying vulnerabilities for enhanced private security. Priavo works diligently with industry specialists to counter evolving technology and ultimately protect our clients from any potential threats.

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