Helping You Win at the Rio Olympics 2016

In August this year, the biggest sporting event on the planet will burst into life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thousands of the world’s finest athletes, trainers, medical teams, VIPs, politicians, press, staff, and millions of fans will flock to the Olympics. A frighteningly large logistical challenge wherever this was being held. But Brazil is a famously unstable country continually crippled by social, political and economic disruption. Add to this cocktail the threat of the Zika virus – the Havard Public Health Review advised the Games should be moved to avoid a ‘full-blown global health disaster’ – and you have what is surely the most volatile and unpredictable Olympics ever held.

And the heat is relentless, the crime levels appalling, the heavy, chaotic traffic makes driving anywhere difficult and the construction teams are under massive pressure to meet the deadlines. In fact, visitors are so wary about coming that fewer than half of the seats have been sold (the Brazilian government is considering buying and giving away tickets to local schools to boost numbers).

So is it worth going at all? Absolutely. This unique, beautiful, colourful country and this incredible event can still be an amazing and unforgettable experience – if you take the right precautions.

Priavo Security Expertise

At Priavo, we have years of high-level security experience working across every situation for a wide variety of clients across the globe. We always begin our work by carrying out a comprehensive travel risk analysis covering you, your entourage and your itinery. Once we’ve assessed your trip, we’ll present, advise and provide the most appropriate level and type of security to keep you as safe as possible.

Security Trained Drivers

Our security trained drivers are all local – they know the roads and routes better than anyone. They are vetted, qualified and skilled in advanced and defensive driving techniques, situational and anti-surveillance awareness, embus and debus drills. Before any journey, your driver will confirm timings and alternative routes through detailed contingency planning, limiting the need for prolonged time on the ground. We can even provide you with Armoured Vehicles anywhere in Rio for added security.

Close Protection 

Priavo have an expert team of bi-lingual armed and unarmed trusted Close Protection Operatives. Accommodation, route reconnaissance, recreational activity and every other detail surrounding your itinerary will be inspected, checked and vetted. And our operatives will remain with you and your party 24 hours a day, providing intelligence updates and accommodating any changes as they arise. Female operatives and family chaperones can be provided for wives and children.

Being fully prepared to understand and anticipate the nuances of this incredible yet dangerous country, its people and its legal system is key to having a safe enjoyable trip – one that Priavo will help you to enjoy.

To find out how our experienced security teams can help you and your party travel safely to the Games in Rio, contact Priavo today.