HNW individuals need more security risk guidance

Half of high-net-worth individuals (HNW) according to a survey of (HNW) individuals in the UK believe they would benefit from more crime and security risk guidance.

The survey also found that those with higher incomes, aged 35-54, and residents of London are more likely to have experienced a crime. The crimes they most experienced were theft, trespassing, home intrusions, and criminal damage.

On average, crime over the past 12 months has cost wealthy individuals more than £72,000. In December, England footballer Raheem Sterling’s home in Surrey was burgled while he was away at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, prompting him to fly home during the tournament.

The survey found that wealthy individuals are being proactive about crime prevention, as seven in ten have introduced security measures to protect their homes and deter criminals during the past 12 months. The top investments are video surveillance, lighting, and upgraded locks for doors and windows. Almost one in five installed safe rooms or panic rooms during the past year.

Of those who experienced a crime, high net-worth individuals invested in adding security, hiring someone to do a security review of the property and grounds, and hiring a residential security team to be at the property.

Amidst the cost-of-living crisis, those who have more to lose are becoming a greater target for criminals. If you are concerned or would like to speak to one of our residential security experts, contact us at

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