How threat intelligence aids private security and risk management

We recently featured in a case study with our long-standing partner’s Intelligence Fusion. Their threat intelligence platform plays an instrumental part in our security and risk management services.

How threat intelligence helps Priavo Security keep its private security and risk management clients safe

For any company that offers private security and risk management, it’s absolutely vital to have a thorough understanding of threat risk in order to protect your assets. Priavo Security have worked with Intelligence Fusion for years, using our threat intelligence platform to help them lead the way when it comes to providing security and risk management for their clients across the globe.

Priavo’s operating principles are Assess, Consult, Support and Evaluate, a four-step process that makes Intelligence Fusion a natural partner at every stage. We took the time to talk with Pete Murphy, Founder and CEO at Priavo, to learn more about how we’ve been able to help them out.

“Our clientele expect us to provide accurate insights and situational context without assumptions. Partnering with Intelligence Fusion allows us to do precisely that.” Pete Murphy, Founder and CEO at Priavo Security

About Priavo

Founded in 2012, Priavo Security offers a diverse range of security and risk management services to clients across the globe. We carry out Executive Protection and Travel Risk Management services for individuals, families and corporations ensuring the safety of our clients at home, at work or travelling to any location where it is perceived there is a risk.

How has Intelligence Fusion been able to improve your situational awareness?

Priavo operates for an extensive client base, globally. Intelligence Fusion supports our ability to provide clients with deeper analysis, insights and knowledge of the threats of our operational landscape. The ability to access historical data and trends allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive threat assessments based on evidential data.

Our Ops team are now also able to feed continuous, up to date and relevant intelligence to our ground teams, in turn allowing us to provide a more comprehensive protection service. Relevant and time sensitive intelligence is critical to providing sufficient risk management services.

How has the experience been so far?

We have worked with Intelligence Fusion for several years now, and since partnering our experience has been nothing but positive. Our clientele expect us to provide accurate insights and situational context without assumptions. Partnering with Intelligence Fusion allows us to do precisely that. We can provide clients and operational teams with rich incident data, authenticated by professionals quickly and efficiently.

We have also noticed continuous development within the platform. The team at Intelligence Fusion are always great to deal with, offering excellent customer service.

The level of granular detail we provide has allowed Priavo to access deep, context-rich intelligence about their operational landscape, helping their operations team, and their clients, to better understand the threats they may face.

It’s been years since we started working with Priavo, but as their needs have changed and their client base evolved, so have the ways in which we help them – we have the capability to constantly update our intelligence feeds based on any new areas of interest to our clients.

To better understand how the private security sector are utilising threat intelligence to better protect their clients or to read the full article click here.

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