Knowing who you are hiring matters

Knowing who you are hiring matters within the superyacht industry, to ensure the integrity of vessel owners, guests and key stakeholders are maintained. Comprehensive checks and identity validation for new team members will ensure those joining your existing crew are authenticated.

We are intelligence, investigation, and security professionals with expertise in people risk across the maritime industry. We work with high-profile VIP and private clients, ensuring the highest levels of security with minimum disruption and complete confidentiality. We take information quality seriously, providing the highest level of background checks, due diligence, and online alerting and monitoring. Our approach is centred around a combination of human analysis and technology – leveraging both automation and human insight to ensure meaningful interpretation and understanding.

1. Crew screening
Comprehensive checks for applicants and existing crew, with identity validation. We perform people-centric research to match bespoke requirements. We understand the uniqueness of each team, our searches are designed around organisational requirements to ensure relevance and proportionality. A good knowledge of who you are employing means you can make decisions and move forward with confidence and trust.

2. Due diligence
Comprehensive and discreet due diligence reports on senior hires, suppliers, organisations, or business interests. Our specialist analysts follow strong analytical frameworks, leveraging multiple sources. Our enhanced due diligence reports provide reassurance and knowledge to your decision-making process, aiming to minimise reputational risk. Thorough and extensive, our reports leverage both online information and human networks as required.

3. Alerting and monitoring
Online alerting and monitoring service designed to track locations, themes, events, individuals, vessels, or organisations. We combine real-time monitoring and data aggregation tech with expert analysis to triage, organise and prioritise feeds. Regular reporting provides insights, trends, and forecasts. Research and analysis is conducted in multiple languages and globally. Immediate threat alerts are conveyed in rapid assessments. The team constantly refresh parameters as threats evolve, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

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