Locate: a new generation in personal security

Locate | A new generation in traveller and personal security.

Things can go wrong while you travel on business and although we cannot always control them, taking measures can make a vast difference to the impact and outcome.

More organisations are realising they have a moral and legal obligation to safeguard their travellers while conducting business aboard. Priavo can help you to meet your Duty of Care towards employees by offering a range of solutions from pre-trip planning, traveller safety briefings to security trained drivers, chaperones and assisting your travellers when it counts.

Our travel safety app ‘locate‘ gives you the tools to enhance your duty of care and improve the personal security of your employees while they operate abroad through the following features:

  • Crisis Management | If significant events occur, quickly establish the location of employees and activate a crisis response. 
  • GPS locating and monitoring | Know where your employees are at any given moment. 
  • Mass notification | If an incident occurs, send notifications to all affected travellers with instructions regardless of location. 
  • Travel Risk Reports | Up to date country information and security advice relevant to the destination.
  • Geofencing | Defined areas are marked on the map: ‘green’ safe zones and ‘red’ danger zones. 
  • Alerts | A simple shake of the phone sends notifications emergency contacts with the user’s current location, video and audio.
  • Meeting and Itineraries | Share meetings and itineraries: users set start and endpoints, contacts are provided real-time movements. 

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