Lürssen shipyard compromised by a ransomware attack

Cyber security has been highlighted for vessels by the IMO since 2021, encouraging owners and crew to incorporate cyber risk into a vessel’s risk infrastructure. This was recently demonstrated by a high-profile attack on a well-known shipyard, to which the extent of the attack is still unknown.

The German shipyard, Lürssen, known for building 13 out of 25 of the largest superyachts in the world, was hit by ransomware over the Easter holiday period. For the unversed, this type of malicious software (malware) prevents you from accessing files on a computer or network. Perpetrators may then threaten to publish sensitive information unless a ransom is paid. Although client names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers were reportedly exposed during the incident, Lürssen has not disclosed which specific data has been accessed.

Cybercriminals depending on their motivation will often wait for the perfect opportunity to strike; this could be weeks, months, or years. Every vessel that connects to a compromised wifi network, including shipyard and port networks, may expose itself to potential breaches.

We recommend that all vessels carry out an assessment to ascertain if they have been breached, or compromised. We also encourage owners to safeguard their yacht systems and to continue to monitor for potential attacks in the future. 

Priavo Security Maritime is a security and risk management company dedicated to the protection of superyachts, utilising physical, electronic and cyber security measures. Our cyber partner is world-class in this field, and we feel it is pertinent now more than ever to ensure that you are not vulnerable and that you are prepared for compromises.

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