Major shipping organisation’s targeted by cyber criminals

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the second major shipping organisation to be hit by a cyber-attack this week.

The IMO’s public website and internal intranet services have been disrupted in a “sophisticated cyber-attack” against the IMO’s IT systems. Technicians have shut down key systems to prevent further damage from the attack and are currently working with United Nations IT to identify the source of the attack and restore the network systems.

This is recorded as the fifth high-profile maritime sector attack in 2020.

  • Container shipping company CMA CGM announced on 28 September that it was dealing with a malware attack that affected its peripheral servers.
  • Transportation and logistics company Toll Group was attacked TWICE on 31 January and 12 May. The company had to shut down several systems across multiple business units, causing delays and disruptions to the business.
  • Mediterranean Shipping Co. also underwent a malware attack at its Geneva headquarters on 10 April. An investigation into the incident found that no data was stolen.

Increased reliance on digital services due to COVID-19, will continue to see companies face new cyber security challenges if they fail to implement adequate protective measures.

These attacks serve as a poignant reminder that cyber security is a serious threat both on and offshore for the maritime sector. Crucially this serves to reinforce the IMO’s stance on cyber security, and the regulations being implemented in January 2021. This is no longer a box ticking exercise, but a real and tangible threat, Yacht owners, Captains and Management should not wait to take precautions to detect and prevent attacks. 
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