Marine Security [Scientists at Sea]

Priavo are honoured to have been part of the Nekton Foundation’s Marine Conservation and Exploration project, working closely with globally renowned scientists and the Seychellois government on their first major research expedition in the Seychelles.

Our team contributed to mission safety through the charitable provision of marine security, risk management and armed security personnel for the Nekton vessel, scientists and crew throughout March and April in 7 key locations across the Seychelles. This invaluable project is supporting the development of leadership, tools, skills, knowledge and networks to empower long-term sustainable ocean governance. The Commonwealth Blue Charter aims to conserve 30% of worlds Ocean by 2030 and the Seychellois government is leading the way, aiming to hit target by 2020. This will help protect biodiversity, enhance ecosystem resilience, support fisheries and safeguard cultural traditions tied to our oceans.

Here Mission Director, Oliver Steeds, describes the security exposure in the Seychelles, Priavo’s contribution in providing ‘round the clock’ armed protection, submersible safety and the secure movement of people on and off the mini-subs. The short video includes some interesting footage of Shane Loup helping the President of the Seychelles in and out of the sub.

‘Ninja’ Shane’s marine security role can also be viewed here on Youtube:

Priavo Maritime understand the myriad of threats facing owners today and we deploy specialist teams for Maritime Security and expeditions. Our operatives are all former members of the British Special Boat Service or ex-Royal Marine Commandos. They are highly trained, armed professionals in Maritime Security and provide both physical and electronic deterrence whilst on board – with experience of over 5,000 successful armed transits.

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