MYS 21: Interview with

We are delighted to have had the opportunity of an interview with to discuss our visions for the future as a specialist travel risk management and protection service provider to the corporate, private and maritime sectors.

Joined by Pete Murphy, CEO of Priavo, we discuss the vision for the leading security company, specialising in travel risk management and bespoke protection services to the corporate, private and maritime sectors. Not only this, we explore how their cutting-edge services are adapted to the superyacht industry in new and revolutionary ways.

Priavo security was founded by husband and wife team, Celine and Pete Murphy in 2012. The couple’s combined skill set creates a solid business foundation that has seen significant year on year growth and exciting diversification. Sharing his vision, Pete Murphy discusses the role of security within the superyacht sphere; “The insider threat is significant and we have identified that through a range of our services “

So, how significant are ‘insider threats’ to high profile, and high risk, superyacht owners, and how can you defend against them? “We have found devices hidden on vessels, and they didn’t get there on their own.” shares Pete Murphy. “We try to educate clients to put proactive measures in place; security is always excessive unless it’s not enough”.

It seems clear the nature of superyacht security changed over recent years with evolving threats, we discuss what these are and how the company combats them for their UHNW clientele. “The security landscape is ever-evolving,” the CEO shares. “It’s no longer an upfront physical threat to begin with everything is intelligence-led. We think from an attackers perspective to defend against an attacker”.

With the company launching a new and exciting crew vetting company called Maritime Checks, we wanted to know how the role of security will integrate into the captain and crew recruitment process. “This has been extremely well received here at the yacht show,” Pete Murphy shares. “We can not just carry out vetting but we can assess online sentiment based on social media and digital footprint, we can assess their intent”.

Priavo Maritime Security Inc. offers a layered approach to Maritime Security incorporating physical, electronic and cyber maritime services.

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