Nekton | Yachts For Science 2021

Five years ago, in 2016, scientists and journalists came together to help protect the sea, and the Nekton Foundation was formed. Since their first Mission to Bermuda, they have helped to protect an area of ocean over twice the size of Germany. Their discovery of the Rariphotic Zone, one of the largest new ecosystems found on Earth in decades, was ground-breaking.

Priavo Security joined their journey of scientific discovery in 2018, providing fundamental risk management and maritime security operatives onboard for their First Descent mission in the Seychelles – to safeguard crew and deter the very real risk of piracy. From high-risk area transits, piracy drills and crew training to navigating local support, managing key stakeholder risk criteria and facilitating a Presidential visit, our team were on board with Nekton every step of the way.

Recently we had the fantastic opportunity to partner with Nekton once again, at the Explorer Yachts Summit in Monaco. Designed to provide insight into the world of explorer yachts, this summit provided the chance to discuss the unique challenges of operating in remote, high-risk destinations. Covering key outlooks from scientists and expert advice from security professionals our team posed various consideration to captains, vessel owners and explorers on how to safeguard crew and stakeholders when underway.

Often one of the greatest challenges for marine scientists is ‘access’ to the sea to undertake vital research. Traditional research vessels are often unavailable, expensive to run, or in the wrong location, making it difficult for many research projects to take place. The ‘Yachts for Science’ program aims to bring together yacht owners and crew with marine scientists, researchers and content creators to provide access to the ocean. Thousands of private yachts above 24 metres often have spare berths or downtime between private use or charter which could be used to support marine scientists as platforms for research and conservation.

Yachts for Science is a platform for yacht owners to connect with lead scientists of research projects which are reviewed for their merit, through open access results, clear outcomes, and strong connections with local scientists and communities in the proposed area of study.

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