Paris Attacks: Security Tips

In the light of the tragic events over the weekend in Paris, all eyes are on France and its security. To reduce the potential for follow-up attacks, a large-scale security force has been deployed and tighter security scrutiny will take place at sensitive locations across Europe; the UK are ramping up security at big events and airports. The apparent neutralisation of all the assailants is ongoing and we know from the news that at least one of these remains at large.

The attack sites remain partly cordoned off, although this is only affecting small areas of the capital and causing limited disruption. Heightened security is expected to remain in place in the coming days across Paris, as well as at transport hubs and sensitive locations across the country.

France was already in a heightened state of anti-terrorist alert since Islamist militants in January attacked several locations in the country, including the Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The state of emergency decreed after the 13-14 November attacks grants the authorities increased powers to arrest suspects and carry out searches, as well as restrict public gatherings, but should not cause undue alarm as it is unlikely to affect business travellers.

Nevertheless, systematic identification checks at the country’s entry points are likely to continue, so please ensure you leave extra time for immigration controls, particularly at airports. If planning to travel to Paris, build in some flexibility in your itinerary to facilitate any adjustments in the event of any short-notice travel disruption. Security alerts may prompt further evacuation of public places and transport hubs over the coming days.

Travel and Safety Advice

Travel to France has resumed but consider the following when planning your trip:

  • Do not be alarmed by a visible security force presence.
  • Your company may apply specific travel restrictions at this time; keep abreast of and observe official instructions
  • Respect local sensitivities over the latest developments.
  • Increased security measures and follow-up operations are likely to cause delays and disruption to transport services, especially in Paris.
  • There remains potential for short-notice travel restrictions and evacuations of transport hubs or other sensitive locations as a result of security alerts. Consequently, be flexible with your itineraries.
  • Carefully consider any information relayed on social media and ensure it’s from a reliable source.
  • Allow ample time for travel and, if travelling by air, for check-in procedures.
  • Ensure you have your travel documents at all times for use in any checks.
  • There is likely to be an increased demand for outbound flights and train services in the coming days. For those with existing bookings, contact your airline to reconfirm them.
  • Avoid public transport and crowded public areas. We have a fully vetted transportation partner if you need assistance moving around in country.
  • If you have concerns about your safety, would like additional travel risk reports or protection get in touch.
  • Whether travelling for business or leisure, we have some additional security tips to help improve your safety when travelling.