Polar exploration: The poles have never been cooler

The expedition yacht, Octopus, ventured into Antarctic waters for the first-time last year. 126m long and packing an ice-class hull, it was tailor-made for adventures at the southernmost latitudes, but when it comes to Antarctica the superyacht is a latecomer.

It is one of 18 yachts to have braved the voyage from Ushuaia, the southern tip of Argentina, across the boisterous Drake Passage so far this season, compared with 32 last season, the busiest period to date for Antarctic cruising. The poles, if you’ll pardon the pun, have never been cooler.

And there’s no sign the desire to journey to the absolute extremes of our planet is dwindling. There are 88 “explorer” superyachts under construction globally — a record — and in the next decade about 200 of these tough long-range vessels will be delivered to their owners. It’s a new age of exploration — with seven-star service and spa pools.

But it’s not a case of pointing your boat south and off you go. Intense preparation is required because no one is coming to save you if something goes wrong in the Ross Sea. Civilisation is a little closer at hand in the Arctic, but its dangers are genuine. The northern polar season runs from April to mid-September and offers more variety than Antarctica, with the Norwegian archipelago Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland and northern Norway all within range for most superyachts. But it’s the Northwest Passage that represents the ultimate experience for most.

Read the full article at: The Times – Polar Exploration Superyacht Expeditions.

We have seen an increase in both polar expeditions and in the uptake of explorer yacht vessels. Our work supporting vessels and crew has been well received – providing practical training on different aspects of maritime security, risk management and emergency response. We have also worked closely with Nekton, supporting their international conservation missions across the globe with armed security teams and bespoke security solutions to fit each expedition.

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