Securing The Seas for Deep Ocean Exploration

Priavo Maritime Security Inc. are live on Sky today in Bremerhaven, with Luke AnsellHead of Marine Operations, at the launch of the Nekton Foundation Deep Ocean Exploration and Conservation project. 

Team Priavo are very happy to support this charity on Mission II to explore and conserve the world’s most undiscovered and least protected ocean: The Indian Ocean. #FirstDescent is a series of expeditions across the Seychelles and Indian Ocean and starts in March 2019 in Aldabra, Seychelles, a UNESCO Marine World Heritage site, identified as one of the worlds ‘most at risk’ oceans. The Mission’s goal is undertake 50 First Descents to gather actionable data to help conserve 30% of Seychelles vast ocean territory. Mission I discovered over 100 new species. 

As the Seychelles are a beacon for ocean conservation globally, Sky News will be covering the first live TV new coverage and broadcasting three three one-hour programmes on the Deep Ocean Live series using Nekton’s mini submarines to explore the Ocean down to 300 metres. This will gain much needed publicity to raise the profile of the desperate plight of our oceans. Just last week at the World Economic Forum, Sir David Attenborough was interviewed by Prince William and took leaders to task on ‘the urgency of  human impact on the natural world’ and the current  ‘environmental crisis’. 

The Sky News Interview below features our CEO, Pete Murphy, discussing Priavo’s role in providing comprehensive risk management and armed security personnel for the Nekton vessel, scientists and crew throughout Mission II. Priavo Maritime protect vessels against piracy, organised crime, cyber-attack and international terrorism which are a constant global threat in port and at sea. Our Maritime Security Operatives (MSO) have gained maximum exposure to global maritime security threats and our team are very proud to support this important mission, something we all feel very passionate about. 


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