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We are delighted to be featured in the Security Matters Magazine: The independent voice for security and risk professionals. They have published an article on Priavo Security, adaptation in the face of COVID-19 Challenges, and the myriad of services we provide to each of our clients.

Priavo Security supports clients with portfolio of services addressing COVID-19 crisis

New ways of working create new challenges as well as new opportunities and collaborations. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, security and risk management specialist Priavo Security has devised a range of services for its clients in direct response to the crisis and the challenges it has created.

As countries around the world are cautiously reducing lockdown measures, it’s clear that there are myriad challenges for companies during their phased return to business. The security and risk management industry is no exception to that rule as the way in which it protects people, secures assets and mitigates risk continuously evolves in view of the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors.

Businesses, consumers and communities across the globe have faced widespread distress and economic hardship. For some, the situation has been catastrophic. The corporate landscape is constantly shifting. Never before has it been so important for organisations to assess business resilience and how they cope with the ongoing crisis.

Remote workers and ‘COVID-proof’ operations are areas organisations must address in order to fulfil compliance and address Duty of Care-focused issues. Strengthening business continuity is a new priority for some, but can present a real challenge at a time when many organisations are fighting to survive against a backdrop of cost savings and budget cuts.

Flexible and robust response

For its part, Priavo Security is supporting its clients by dint of a flexible and robust response to ensure organisational resilience during these uncertain times. Established back in 2012, the security and risk management business operates on a global footprint spanning 70 countries. It provides realistic end-to-end risk mitigation strategies for a variety of clients and fully understands the importance of securing what matters most.

Pete Murphy, CEO at Priavo Security, commented: “Priavo Security had to adapt its own operations overnight by modifying our own business continuity plan to suit the demands realised by COVID-19. We’ve maintained global operations and supported our clients throughout the crisis.”

Murphy went on to state: “Many companies have crisis management plans in place, but those plans may not fully address how fast-moving and variable a pandemic like COVID-19 can be. Plans don’t generally consider widespread quarantines, business and community disruptions, lockdowns and the added travel restrictions of a global health emergency. It’s critical to continually assess, revise and enhance continuity planning around new considerations.”

Enhanced monitoring solutions

In the past few months, Priavo Security has supplied enhanced monitoring solutions, quick response evacuations, emboldened residential and commercial security and private sanitised travel. Cybersecurity enquiries have escalated rapidly with companies quickly adapting to remote working, ensuring end-to-end security while members of staff continue to work from home. The business’ consultancy team has been busy advising clients on crisis management and business continuity, reviewing and implementing business strategies to turn what is a crisis scenario into an opportunity.

New ways of working create new challenges as well as new opportunities and collaborations. As companies begin to consider business travel again, effective communication and up-to-date information is clearly going to be critical.

“Organisations will find that not having an enhanced communication strategy in place as we all evolve in this ‘new normal’ will impact employee safety and productivity,” explained Riz Omar, Priavo Security’s global operations director and chief operating officer of Locate Global. “Effective communication is critical as companies adjust. It’s necessary to protect and strengthen the heart of an organisation’s capabilities and forge ahead with ongoing development and improvements.”

Range of services

Priavo Security is currently offering a range of services for clients in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has created. These services focus on residential and commercial property security, business continuity and organisational resilience, crisis management and communications planning, global incident management and communications, enhanced monitoring and bespoke intelligence reporting, personnel, supply chain and critical asset protection, private ‘sanitised’ transport, country evacuations and logistical planning and response services.

Celine Murphy, managing director at Priavo Security, noted: “While the global impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still unclear, we’re wholly committed to keeping people safe by empowering companies with the knowledge and skill required to navigate safely through these uncertain times.”

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