The 5 Pillars of Executive Protection

Effective security depends on a layered approach and striking the optimal balance between five foundational elements. These critical elements of protection ensure the safety of corporate executives and individuals: Physical Security, People, Data, Infrastructure and Crisis Management.

Over-reliance on one element, creates imbalance and the potential for protective failure. Careful coordination of all five elements, on the other hand, enables security that is both effective and in alignment with family member or organisational requirements.

1. Physical Security

Physical Security relates to everything that is tangible in your organisation.

• Access to Buildings
• Physical Assets
• IT Hardware
• Vehicle Fleet

2. People Security

People typically present the greatest threat to an organisation’s security, be it through human error or malicious intent. People Security is about mitigating risk by monitoring and controlling the access and flow of people.

• Permanent and Contract Staff
• Partners
• 3rd Party Employees
• Visitors
• Special Events Security

3. Data Security

Data can be both an asset and a liability. Whether it is the Intellectual Property (IP) of your organisation, or the personal data of employees and customers, protected by privacy regulations such as the GDPR, it needs to be handled with care. Appropriate data protection policies and procedures must be implemented to manage data storage, processing and compliance.

• Trade Secrets
• Employee Data
• Database
• Customer Data

4. Infrastructure Security

Information Security refers to the intangible assets of your organisation, where data is stored and controlled. These must be protected to prevent security breaches and leaks.

• Networks
• Remote Sites
• Application Security
• Website
• Intranet

5. Crisis Management

Effective Crisis Management depends on an company’s ability to be prepared for any eventuality. Policies and protocols must be continuously tested and revised to mitigate exposure.

• Documentation & Work Procedures
• Emergency Response Plans
• Business Continuity Plans
• Disaster Recovery Plans

The most important factor in effective security is ‘people’. Qualified and experienced security teams ensure the right things are done the right way at the right time. They spec and test the tech, develop and follow effective preventative and emergency procedures, and are the last line of defence.

Priavo provides tailored security services to ensure the safety of our private and corporate clients at home, at work, and when travelling to any location by any means, where there is a perceived risk. We are experienced in assessing and understanding the threats to you, your family, business and assets and will work with you to ensure that our security measures are flexible, discreet and unobtrusive.

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