Threat Intelligence and its importance in 2021

As we enter the new year, there are new insights into the global security landscape that require consideration. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting nations across the globe, we have seen geopolitical issues significantly aggravated and economies increasingly decline. Increased political tensions, extreme ideologies and civil unrest are reflecting a need for greater security consideration. As we reported towards the end of last year – supply chain disruption and distribution issues have highlighted the benefits of thorough risk planning and profiling.

Given the complex health, economic, social and political aspects of the pandemic itself, security professionals are facing many challenges in 2021. The increasingly common issue of both excessive information and misinformation will only make situations harder.

At a time when the distinction between opinion and fact is often blurred, verifiable and actionable information has never been more valuable. Threat intelligence, crisis response and risk management have been shown to be invaluable in the face of a crisis – to inform and assist decision making and to ensure business continuity.

A key consideration for moving your organisation into 2021 is establishing a specific picture of the types of domestic and international threats and risks that would require a response, and ensuring the plans are in place to manage that response.

The pandemic has brought business continuity planning to the fore and a flexible approach will need to be retained for businesses to adapt with uncertainty and to ensure they are able to respond as situations dictate.

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