Travel Risk Considerations As The Pandemic Subsides

Over the last few years, it’s safe to assume that the primary risk to business travellers and the principal duty of care concern for the travel managers has been COVID-19. Whilst the pandemic is still with us and remains a significant threat to travellers, there is a shifting focus across the travelling community to other significant risks travellers face. Safety, security, and sustainability are increasingly being questioned.

Climate Change
Increasingly businesses must consider their company’s carbon footprint. This is closely aligned with the rise of purposeful travel – thinking about the ROI of travel before booking, travelling directly by the most eco-friendly mode of transport possible, and taking into consideration any negative impact on communities along the way.

Equally of concern is how climate change is affecting weather patterns and the number of natural disasters we are seeing today. Storms, wildfires, extreme temperatures and monsoons continue to be more severe and to disrupt travel.

Geopolitical changes
The conflict in Ukraine, and new tensions to the world order, will highlight the need for comprehensive travel risk management for travellers and travel managers, especially when travelling to affected areas. Protest movements and Civil unrest across the globe are further affecting this.

Unfortunately, terrorism continues to affect travellers, with extremists continuing to be a potent threat. Travellers need to be more vigilant than ever about such threats and ensure that they have the best possible information sources.

Cyber Attacks
In 2021 there have been several major cyber attacks such as the Colonial Pipeline breach and the ransomware attack on Brenntag. Without any new deterrents, further attacks are likely in 2022 as businesses, governments and organisations continue to migrate more business functions and operations to the digital world.

Although travel risk considerations are nothing new, businesses will have been focused on the impact of the pandemic on their duty of care requirements. As these threats become more manageable, other serious considerations, such as terrorism, geopolitical changes, climate change and cyberattacks will become a priority once again.

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