Travel Risk Management [Locate, Monitor, Respond]

Growing incidents including natural disasters, epidemics and political protests highlight the unpredictable nature of the global travel security landscape.  Today, businesses need to stay risk-resilient in order to succeed, particularly with increased globalisation and a more accessible marketplace. This is even more important when you are responsible for travelling employees.

Are you responsible for travellers? Do your employees travel abroad? Could you locate your team in a Crisis? 

More organisations are realising they have a moral and legal obligation to safeguard their travellers while conducting business abroad. Priavo can help you to meet your Duty of Care towards employees by offering a range of solutions from pre-trip planning to secure ground transportation and assisting your travellers when it counts.

Our travel security app, locate, turns user’s smartphones into personal safety devices and GPS trackers, giving visibility of your entire mobile workforce across the globe. The cloud-based Alert Response Centre pinpoints the exact location of users, enabling you to monitor and communicate with your team globally. The Respond app allows you to track, dispatch and manage resources and responders in real time.  Staying connected with your team is a complex challenge, especially during an emergency. Our personal safety app lets you locate your team when it matters, enabling you to provide a quick and robust response. 

If you intend to travel globally and have concerns please contact us for an in-depth analysis and our recommendations to secure your journey. 

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