Turning Tides Big Summer Sleep Out 2022

Priavo is a keen supporter of our local charity, Turning Tides. This amazing group of people believe that everyone has the right to a home, regardless of the difficulties and issues they may face in their lives. Homelessness can happen to anyone, especially in these more challenging times. In the last 12 months Turning Tides have supported 900 people across our county!

The charity is once again calling on the community to give up their beds on Saturday 18th June, to experience just a fraction of the reality of homelessness. Together we will show solidarity with the rising number of people who are experiencing homelessness in West Sussex. This event will help raise ‘much-needed’ funding, enabling the charity to continue providing services. Importantly, we can demonstrate an act of togetherness.

The ‘Big Sleepout’ requires volunteers, to surrender their bed for just one night, choosing an alternative place to sleep out under the stars. Please help us support this worthy cause by clicking here (https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/BigSummerSleepout2022) and making a donation. Just £85 can provide emergency support for as many as 30 homeless men and women

“Sleeping rough is not a choice. Regardless of the time of year, it takes its toll physically, emotionally and mentally. Whilst we are holding this event in the safety of the Football Club we want everyone to share in this experience so the community can join us in striving towards ending local homelessness.”
Ruth Poyner, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Turning Tides.

“Our team feel passionate about helping the homeless problem within our local community. We have worked with the Turning Tides team for four years now and truly understand the struggle of homelessness. This will be my second sleep out under the stars, and I am grateful we can sponsor the event and hopefully raise some cash to help support vulnerable people in our community.”
Celine Murphy, Managing Director at Priavo Security.

About Turning Tides

Turning Tides are one of the largest providers of homeless services for adults in West Sussex, striving to empower those whose life has unravelled into homelessness – transforming lives and connecting communities. They develop and deliver person-centred services, empowering people to have the confidence and resilience to move on from homelessness. Outreach, advice and support services are readily available, working to provide accommodation and housing solutions to those in need.

To sign up and make a big social difference visit their website.

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