What to Look for in Security Drivers?

The benefits of a security-trained driver’s extend well beyond their ability to utilise a vehicle’s performance capabilities. Vetted and trained security drivers are often key to a successful Executive Protection program.
Security drivers typically engage in pre-mission route planning and work with security teams on journey management to help avoid risk in the first place. Situational awareness during transportation enables clients to travel safely and efficiently as well trained drivers are able to avoid disruptive situations, meaning fewer interruptions in transit. Additionally, secure tracking systems allows for live updates, tracking and communication of all movements and transfers.

When selecting suitable drivers assess the credibility of their security qualifications with questions such as:
• What professional qualifications, accreditations AND experience does my driver have?
• Are the vehicles appropriately licensed and insured for the region they are operating within?
• Does the driver have the relevant experience driving specific types of vehicles in certain terrains and driving conditions?
• Is the vehicle, equipment and provisions appropriate for the journeys they will undertake?
• How will drivers select vehicles, equipment, routes and safe havens based on identified risks and hazards identified?
• Does the driver have extensive local knowledge and are they familiar with the vehicle they are operating?
• How are drivers selected and are they subject to regular background checks?
• Beyond safety and security, will my driver be capable of providing the level of service and discretion I expect?

A keen understanding of the threat posed by ground transportation and the methods to mitigate these risks is key when employing security trained drivers and transportation.
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