Maritime Security: Crew in High Risk Areas?

Our Armed Maritime Security Operatives (MSO’s) are trained to keep your vessel and crew safe during transit through High Risk Areas. MSO’s hold the following qualifications in accordance with the IMO and other industry standards:

MSO qualification | STCW 2010 | UK Seaman’s discharge book | ENG 1 Seafarer’s medical | UK Criminal Record Bureau checked | Military reference | Firearms Competency Course. 

Additonally, we provide full security training for crew members. Training exposes vulnerabilities in order to provide the most effective security measures. Planning ahead of a potential incident is essential in overcoming a security situation and training covers the following:

Security procedures | Environmental and situational awareness training | Anti piracy awareness and counter measures | Crisis incident | Conflict management | Travel security | Self-defence techniques | Medical first aid training. 

We also offer the latest in employment screening, third party and supplier vetting. Our screening process is a simple and easy process defined in three key stages:  information collection, processing and analysis.  Bespoke reports are generated and sent promptly providing a solution that is in-depth, clear and outcome driven.

For furter infomation on maritime services visit maritime security and maritime 360. 

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